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We publish books in the field of educational research and we would be most interested in considering your work. Please let us know the following details about your project:



Full Institutional Address:

Title of the work:

Subtitle (if any):

Manuscript completion date:

Type of work:

__Textbook (graduate / undergraduate)

__Reference work


__Edited volume (new material / previously published)

__Popular science book

__Conference proceedings


Number of words:

Estimated number of pages (500 words per page):

Number of figures: (Line drawings:      Photographs:      Tables:      )


Primary audience for the book:


Description of the content: (approx 250 words max, please)


Competing titles:

(Please mention booktitles with which your book will compete and describe how your book will differ from these titles.)


Series(if applicable):


Please send this information to:


John Bennett, Acquisition Editor, Education
2 Liberty Square, 11th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
phone: +1 (617) 263-2323, ex 113 (US EST)