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Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students

Life Histories and Teacher Stories of Committed White Teachers

2013 - 174 pages

James C. Jupp (Georgia Southern University, USA)

ISBN Paperback: 9789462093690 ($ 32.00)
ISBN Hardcover: 9789462093706 ($ 99.00)
ISBN E-Book: 9789462093713

Subject: Inclusive Education, Teacher Education, Race Education, Race, Culture and Education

Number 22 of the series: Studies in Inclusive Education

pdfFree Preview Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students
Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students

Winner of the Outstanding Book Award 2014 from the Society of Professors of Education! (April 2014)

Makes many valuable contributions to our understanding of the varied issues at work in preparing White teachers for work in the inner-city … I highly recommend it as a resource for education scholars and teacher educators involved in the preparation of White teachers for work in inner-city schools. Becoming Teachers of Inner-City Students offers a detailed and fascinating examination of identifications, concepts, and contexts that emerged from the stories of White teachers committed to inner-city schools. Jupp’s research and the stories on which it is based make visible the complex nature, the existing contradictions, and the messy space of inner-city teaching and learning and of efforts to prepare White teachers to work effectively and equitably in urban schools while also pointing the way to essential concepts and practices for effective and positive teaching in inner-city schools.”
Teachers College Record, November 2014

Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students takes on the continuing challenges of White teachers in increasingly de facto re-segregated schools of the present. Drawing on the author’s eighteen years of experience as a classroom teacher and his research on White teachers of inner-city students, Becoming Teachers provides key discussions on professional identity for preservice teachers, professional educators, and researchers interested in diversity education or urban education.

Driving at complex recognitions of race, class, culture, language, and gender as a basis for teaching and learning with diverse urban students, the author’s and other White teachers’ life and teaching stories move beyond prescriptive models of professional identity for preservice and professional teachers to “follow.” Instead, life and teaching stories in Becoming Teachers demonstrate again and again that in teaching the personal is political, professional knowledges are forged in practice, and – overall – that becoming a professional teacher is a process that draws on one’s experiences and inner-most convictions.

Becoming Teachers, updating Vivian Paley’s White Teacher and reworking Christine Sleeter’s multicultural research on White teachers’ race-evasive identities, moves discussions on White teacher identity toward a second wave of race-visible professional identity for White teachers in the present.

-- "Outstanding Book Award" 2014 - Society of Professors of Education

-- "Outstanding Book Award" 2014 - American Educational Research Association
-- "Outstanding Publication Award" 2014 - American Educational Research Association

"James Jupp’s book is an instruction on how to keep the democratic educational experiment on the workbench."
Roger Slee, Professor and Director of the Victoria Institute for Education, Diversity, and Life Long Learning at Victoria University, Melbourne

"James Jupp thoughtfully explicates the complexity of the social justice literature in education related to race, class, culture, language, gender and other differences in classrooms. Jupp is one of the leading scholars in education who challenges static notions of difference and opens up new curriculum spaces for a second wave of critical race work.  Challenging the field  to consider more nuanced possibilities that will advance social justice in the present, Jupp provides generous readings for new intercultural alliances.  Jupp’s Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students offers a fresh understanding for those who are looking for new ways to understand  teachers’ lives and professional identities."            
Patrick Slattery, Professor of Curriculum, Texas A&M University

"Jupp does the hard work, here, of understanding where we have been in conceptualizing the racial identities of White teachers.  And then he does something harder.  With abundant intelligence, courage, and generosity, Jupp opens up new pathways for our thinking and feeling and action.  Read this book."
Timothy Lensmire, Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction, University of Minnesota


James C. Jupp works as Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Georgia Southern University. He worked in rural and inner-city Title I settings for eighteen years before accepting a position working with teachers, administrators, and researchers at the university level. A public school teacher in diverse rural poor and inner-city Title I schools, his first line of research focuses on committed White teachers’ understandings of race, class, language and difference pedagogy. Drawing on his experiences as teacher, he is the author of "Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students," a piece which adds to discussions of White teachers recently published in Urban Education.  

Additionally, drawing on his experiences living and studying in Spanish language traditions in Mexico and Texas, his second line of research develops cosmopolitan Hispanophone curriculum for educating Latino students. Emerging from his concerns for understanding cultural differences in education, cosmopolitan Hispanophone curriculum seeks to develop historicized critical understandings of difference in education.

James C. Jupp has published more than twenty scholarly articles in a variety of journals including the Gender and EducationUrban EducationCurriculum Inquiry, Journal of Curriculum Theorizing,  International Journal of Qualitative Studies in EducationInternational Journal of Qualitative Methods, Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, The English Journaland Multicultural Review. His second book, Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students, is now available from Sense Publishers (2013).


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Becoming Teachers of Inner-city Students