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Science and Technology Education and Communication

Seeking Synergy

2016 - 208 pages

Maarten C. A. van der Sanden (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) and Marc J. de Vries (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) (Eds.)

ISBN Paperback: 9789463007368 ($ 54.00)
ISBN Hardcover: 9789463007375 ($ 99.00)
ISBN E-Book: 9789463007382

Subject: Technology Education, Science Education

Number 15 of the series: International Technology Education Studies

pdfFree Preview Science and Technology Education and Communication
Science and Technology Education and Communication

Science & technology education on the one hand, and communication on the other, are, to a large extent, still separate worlds and many opportunities for synergy and cross-fertilisation are yet unused. This divide is unfortunate, since educators need communication skills and communicators often use aspects of education in their strategies. Moreover, innovation processes in both domains ask for education and communication insights and skills. Therefore, scholars and practitioners in both domains must seek connections and synergy by exchanging insights and ideas. This book discusses the shared aims of science & technology education and communication, such as science literacy and engagement, as well as common processes and challenges, such as social learning, social design and professionalisation, and assessment. Aims, processes, and challenges that inspire, enhance and deepen the education and communication synergy from a theoretical and practical side. If one reads the various chapters and reflects on them from one’s own perspective as a scholar or practitioner, the question is no longer if cross-fertilisation and synergy are needed, but when are we seriously going to take up this challenge together. This book aims to initiate the dialogue that the situation in the development of the topic requires at this point.


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Science and Technology Education and Communication