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Professional Learning
This series purposely sets out to illustrate a range of approaches to Professional Learning and to highlight the importance of teachers and teacher educators taking the lead in reframing and responding to their practice, not just to illuminate the field but to foster genuine educational change.
Professional Practice and Education
Professional Practice and Education aims to provide a forum for perspectives of our understanding of the nature of professional practice and the consequences flowing for education in the professions. It is the intention of the Editor that a platform will be provided for contributors from diverse cultural backgrounds, so that, on a global level, the nature of professions and their cultural/historical positioning might be problematised and re-examined.
Professional and VET Learning
“Professional and VET learning” is a book series that focuses on professional competencies and identities, but also on conditions and societal frames of job performances. It includes education in economics, medicine, handicraft, ICT, technology, media handling, commerce etc. It includes career development, working life, work- integrated learning and ethical aspects of the professions. In recent years the learning in the professions and through vocational education has become a central part of educational psychology, educational politics and educational reflections in general. Its theoretical modeling, practical application and measurement standards are central to the field. They are also specific for a new research realm which is until now, especially in the US, minor developed. For Europe the dual system, learning in the professional school and – at the same time - learning in the firm, can be a model for studying how issues of professional belonging, professional life meaning, professional biographies, professional change, but also especially professional competencies and sovereignties respectively securities are generated. The books in this series will be based on different theoretical paradigms, research methodologies and research backgrounds. Since the series is internationally connected, it will include research from different countries and different cultures. The series shall stimulate a practical discourse and shall produce steering knowledge for political decisions in the field. We invite contributions, which challenge the traditional thinking in the field. Professionals who are accountable, available and certificated shall receive through this series a fundamental support, but also new horizons and broadened perspectives of the domain.
Research on the Education and Learning of Adults
‘Research on the Education and Learning of Adults’ aims at providing an in-depth insight on the diversity of current research on adult education in diverse teaching/learning contexts in both geographical and cultural terms in Europe. Research on adult education has been characterised by different intellectual traditions, theoretical and methodological approaches and which are still alive today in Europe from the north to the south and from the west to the east.
Researching Environmental Learning
There continues to be growing concern about the state of the environment, yet we are often confused by the complexities of economic, ethical, political, and social issues related to it. Daily, there are references in the news media to environmental issues such as global climate change, ozone depletion, dwindling resources, famine, disease, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and continuing job losses in many BC communities.
Semiotic Perspectives in the Teaching and Learning of Math Series

Social Fictions Series
The Social Fictions series emerges out of the arts-based research movement. The series includes full-length fiction books that are informed by social research but written in a literary/artistic form (novels, plays, and short story collections). Believing there is much to learn through fiction, the series only includes works written entirely in the literary medium adapted.
Spotlight on China
Over the past decades China has experienced unprecedented economic liberalization, industrialization, mass migration, urbanization, and privatization, which have contributed to the rise of China as an emerging economic superpower. At the same time, China is also facing unprecedented challenges, including rising unemployment, socio-economic disparity, corruption, and environment degradation. Spotlight on China aims to bring together international scholars with contributions from new and established scholars to explore the profound social and economic transformation that has resulted from the market economy and its concomitant impact on education and society in China. The Series includes authored and edited collections offering multidisciplinary perspectives and most contemporary and comprehensive analyses of recent social and educational changes in China.
Studies in Inclusive Education
This series addresses the many different forms of exclusion that occur in schooling across a range of international contexts and considers strategies for increasing the inclusion and success of all students. In many school jurisdictions the most reliable predictors of educational failure include poverty, Aboriginality and disability.
Studies in Professional Life and Work
The series will commission books in the broad area of professional life and work. This is a burgeoning area of study now in educational research with more and more books coming out on teachers’ lives and work, on nurses’ life and work, and on the whole interface between professional knowledge and professional lives.
Teaching Gender
The Teaching Gender publishes monographs, anthologies and reference books that deal centrally with gender and/or sexuality. The books are intended to be used in undergraduate and graduate classes across the disciplines. The series aims to promote social justice with an emphasis on feminist, multicultural and critical perspectives.
Teaching Race and Ethnicity
CALL FOR PROPOSALS We are looking for books that deal with centrally race and/or ethnicity and are intended to be used in college classes. Monographs, short text books and edited volumes will be considered (original material only). Books should be of significant value to the teaching of race and/or ethnicity. The series aims to promote social justice perspectives—all topics, disciplinary perspectives, methods and writing styles will be considered. Please note all authors will be expected to comply with the Sense style guidelines. We expect book to be approximately 200 printed pages with an estimated 500 words per page when tabulated using Sense’s style guidelines. International authors are encouraged to submit proposals (we can publish in the English language only). Sense’s proposal form can be found at Proposals should include: title (with subtitle if applicable), summary of the book, table of contents, the market for the book (what level, disciplines and courses the book can be used in) and a realistic delivery date and should be accompanied by a CV for each author. If the book will have pedagogical features please note that as well. Please send queries or full proposals to series editor, Dr. Patricia Leavy at International Editorial Board Theodorea Regina Berry, Mercer University, USA Owen Crankshaw, University of Cape Town, South Africa Payi Linda Ford, Charles Darwin University, Australia Patricia Hill Collins, University of Maryland, USA Virinder Kalra, University of Manchester, UK Marvin Lynn, Indiana University, USA Nuria Rosich, Barcelona University (Emerita), Spain Beverley Anne Yamamoto, Osaka University, Japan
Teaching Writing
The Teaching Writing series publishes concise instructional writing guides. Series books each focus on a different subject area, discipline or type of writing. The books are intended to be used in undergraduate and graduate courses across the disciplines and can also be read by individual researchers or students engaged in thesis work.
Technology Enhanced Learning
The rapid co-evolution of technology and learning is offering new ways to represent knowledge, new educational practices, and new global communities of learners. Yet the contribution of these changes to formal education is largely unexplored, along with possibilities for deepening our understanding of what and how to learn. Similarly, the convergence of personal technologies offers new opportunities for informal, conversational and situated learning.
The Biotechnology Learning Series
The biotechnology learning series is aimed to bring about discussion around the introduction of biotechnology in schools and tertiary learning environments. Biotechnology is an expanding area of scientific and community interest, one that it is important students understand because of its potential to impact on them and their communities. The development of scientifically and technologically literate citizens has been almost universally welcomed as a desirable goal for education and the introduction of biotechnology in schools can contribute to this.
The Future of Education Research
One characteristic of modern societies is that they are likely to assign their social problems to education. Arising in the specific context of the late eighteenth century, this ‘educational reflex’ paved the way for education to become an important social factor on regional, national and global scales. Witnesses for this upswing are for instance the expansion of compulsory schooling, the state organization and tertiarization of teacher education and thus the introduction of education departments in the universities.
The International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education
This Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education, the first of its kind, addresses the learning of mathematics teachers at all levels of schooling to teach mathematics, and the provision of activity and programmes in which this learning can take place. It consists of four volumes.
The Knowledge Economy and Education
The aim of this series is to provide a focus for writers and readers interested in exploring the relation between the knowledge economy and education or an aspect of that relation, for example, vocational and professional education theorised critically.
The Learner’s Perspective Study
The Learner’s Perspective Study provides a vehicle for the work of an international community of classroom researchers. The work of this community will be reported in a series of books of which this is the second. The documentation of the practices of classrooms in other countries causes us to question and revise our assumptions about our own practice and the theories on which that practice is based. International comparative and cross-cultural research has the capacity to inform practice, shape policy and develop theory at a level commensurate with regional, national or global priorities. International comparative research offers us more than insights into the novel, interesting and adaptable practices employed in other school systems. It also offers us insights into the strange, invisible, and unquestioned routines and rituals of our own school system and our own classrooms. In addition, a cross-cultural perspective on classrooms can help us identify common values and shared assumptions, encouraging the adaptation of practices from one classroom for use in a different cultural setting. As these findings become more widely available, they will be increasingly utilised in the professional development of teachers and in the development of new theory. David Clarke Series Editor
The World Council of Comparative Education Societies
The WCCES Series was established to provide for the broader dissemination of discourses between scholars in its member societies. Representing as it does Societies and their members from all continents, the organization provides a special forum for the discussion of issues of interest and concern among comparativists and those working in international education.