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Readiness Realities

Struggles and Successes during the Transition to College

2017 - 108 pages

Pamela W. Hollander (Worcester State University, USA)

ISBN Paperback: 9789463009362 ($ 36.00)
ISBN Hardcover: 9789463009379 ($ 99.00)
ISBN E-Book: 9789463009386

Subject: Higher Education

pdfFree Preview Readiness Realities
Readiness Realities

"Hollander’s book is rigorously researched and theorized, yet it has a personable and accessible style transitioning effortlessly from theoretical concepts to moving personal experiences with students. The book is filled with her personal experiences as a teacher. Hollander is an empathetic advocate for students, and her deep love and commitment to her students are evident in this book, even in its organization around “the metaphor of love.” Academics and administrators will find useful ideas in her book. As a teacher of freshman composition, I found her book inspiring, reminding me to strive harder to make my college, my class, and my course content welcoming and relevant to all students." – Maureen Fielding, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English and Women Studies, Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine

"Understanding how to help students transition into college successfully, especially students who have not had access to all of the “trimmings” of academic speak and the nuance of academic culture can be complex. In this book, the author, shares compelling personal stories about her relationships with students in and out of class over the past 25 years, weaving a story that highlights leverage points that can either help students persist, or not. She provides creative and practical suggestions for teaching and advising, and raises big questions about whether the current focus of college preparation does a disservice to our students." – Annie Soisson, Ed. D., Associate Director, University Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, Tufts University 

“Dr. Hollander has an amazing grasp on the complexities of helping prepare the under prepared for college success.  She writes a poignant and passionate account that spotlights how college readiness is a deeper issue than one of academic performance. Her account reminds us of the need for a national conversation of the importance of the affective domain as colleges continue to address retention and persistence. Her shared experiences as a developmental educator remind us all that the successful transition from high school to college requires a humanistic view.” – Deborah Kellner, Ed.D., Associate Professor of English, University of Cincinnati

The new U.S. national standards movement has pushed us at “warp speed” from Common Core curriculum standards to updated assessments for college readiness, but we have not fully examined what it means to be college ready. Why is it that roughly half of all high school students need remedial classes before being considered ready for college-level work? Current public policies aim to eliminate the need for remedial college classes by ratcheting up instruction and expectations at the K-12 level, but if we do not find out what these students are missing, how can we expect to be successful?

For higher education scholars and practitioners and those generally interested in the future of college, this book helps tell a novel story about the transition to college, from the perspective of an experienced college professor. The first-year experience is conceptualized as a two-way relationship between students and colleges, involving introductions, resistance or acceptance, collaboration and exchange of ideas, and learning. There are both success stories and stories that end in a parting of ways. These stories show what college readiness really means and offer valuable insights about the academic, social, monetary and other forces that can overwhelm the typical college-bound student. Higher education scholars and professionals will benefit from these rich and detailed accounts as they help shape the landscape of 21st century college readiness.




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Readiness Realities