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On Marcuse

Critique, Liberation, and Reschooling in the Radical Pedagogy of Herbert Marcuse

2008 - 48 pages

Douglas Kellner (University of California at Los Angeles, USA), Tyson E. Lewis (Montclair State University, USA) and Clayton Pierce (University of Utah)

ISBN Paperback: 9789087905170 ($ 21.00)
ISBN E-Book: 9789087905194

Subject: Educational Theory, Philosophy of Education

Number 2 of the series: Key Critical Thinkers in Education

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On Marcuse

Herbert Marcuse was one of the most important and renowned philosophers of the 20th century. His thought and his involvement in global student movements played a decisive role in transforming the political landscape of the 60's and 70's in the United States. For many he is remembered as the father of the so-called New Left, a figure who represented theoretical clarity through the fog of war, counterrevolution, and the repression of freedom in advanced industrial society. Yet how did such an influential and powerful thinker interpret the role of education during the turbulent period in which he lived? On Marcuse: Critique, Liberation, and Reschooling in the Radical Pedagogy of Herbert Marcuse seeks to offer ground-breaking answers to this question. Despite his well known relationship with radical student activism, very little has been written on Marcuse's educational philosophy or its connection with his larger critical theory. Drawing on never-before-published archival materials including lectures dating from 1968-1975, this volume presents a definitive overview of Marcuse's educational legacy and its relevance for the contemporary moment. On Marcuse systematically lays out how Marcuse continues to be an important theorist for understanding themes such as educational standardization, critical and dialectical thought, democratic schooling, and the distinction between schooling for social needs and schooling for liberation and health. By situating Marcuse's dialectical analysis of the progressive and conservative trends in schooling within an overall critique of one-dimensional society, this volume demonstrates the importance of the theme of education for Marcuse's overall critical theory and political project. Critical theorists of education, Marcuse scholars, educators, and students will be struck by the unmistakable accuracy of Marcuse's diagnosis of education in one-dimensional society and his challenges for a democratic reconstruction of education. Hence, On Marcuse provides us with not only timely theoretical tools and concrete pedagogical strategies for combating educational sickness caused by one-dimensional society, but also hope in the revolutionary potentials of "reschooling."
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On Marcuse