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A Year in the Life of a Third Space Urban Teacher Residency

Using Inquiry to Reinvent Teacher Education

2015 - 314 pages

Monica Taylor (Montclair State University, USA) and Emily J. Klein (Montclair State University, USA)

ISBN Paperback: 9789463002516 ($ 43.00)
ISBN Hardcover: 9789463002523 ($ 99.00)
ISBN E-Book: 9789463002530

Subject: Education General, Urban Education, Teacher Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education

Number 49 of the series: Bold Visions in Educational Research

pdfFree Preview A Year in the Life of a Third Space Urban Teacher Residency
A Year in the Life of a Third Space Urban Teacher Residency

This book weaves together voices of faculty, residents, mentors, administrators, community organizers, and students who have lived together in a third space urban teacher residency program in Newark as they reinvent math and science teaching and teacher education through the lens of inquiry.

Each chapter includes narratives from multiple perspectives as well as tools we have used within the program to support and build change, providing readers with both real cases of how an urban teacher residency can impact school systems, and concrete tools and examples to help the reader understand and replicate aspects of the process.

Capturing both the successes but also the tensions and challenges, we offer a kaleidoscopic view of the rich, complex, and multi-layered ways in which multiple stakeholders work together to make enduring educational change in urban schools. Our third space NMUTR has been a fragile utopian enterprise, one that has relied on a shared commitment of all involved, and a deep sense of hope that working collaboratively has the potential, even if not perfect, to make a difference.

With contributions from:

Linda Abrams, Priyank Bhatt, Matthew Brewster, Ada Beth Cutler, Michael De Antonio Jr., Alexander Diaz, Marisol Diaz, Carolyn Granato, Antonio Iglesias, Walter Kaczka, Kim Scott Kallai, Dave Koethe, Marc Kolb, Douglas Larkin, Roger Leon, Rosiane Lesperance-Goss, Maria Cristina Morales, Erin Mooney, Anna Karina Monteiro, Fernando Naiditch, Anthony Orsini, Gail Perry-Ryder, Suzanne Poole, Jennifer Robinson, William Romney, Mario Santos, Kathryn Strom, Janae Taylor, & Susan Taylor

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A Year in the Life of a Third Space Urban Teacher Residency