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Yvette F. Greenspan

Yvette F. Greenspan

Yvette Greenspan has been an educator for over 40 years, and has a passion for all things science.  Receiving her Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education at the University of Miami and her Ph.D. at Florida State University in science education, she has held various teaching and administrative positions in the Miami Dade County Public Schools and is an adjunct professor in a local college. She has served as a consultant to the Florida Department of Education for low performing schools and other various local and out of town ‘outdoor museums.’ She volunteers in numerous professional organizations and holds positions on the Board of Directors for the Dade County Science Teachers Association and the Florida Association of Science Teachers.  She also serves as a manuscript reviewer for the Journal of College Science Teaching and presents at various science teaching conferences. She has published articles on linking scientific patterns of life, gender differences in an elementary school learning environment, and teachers doing inquiry and teaching science.  Although South Florida has been her home for over 30 years, she has lived and traveled all over the world and is fluent in Spanish with some French.