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William Marsiglio

William Marsiglio


William Marsiglio, Ph.D., is Professor in Sociology and Criminology & Law, University of Florida, and Fellow in the National Council on Family Relations. A leading international scholar in the fields of family, fatherhood, and gender, I study different aspects of men’s involvement in children’s lives, either as fathers or youth workers in the community (e.g., pediatricians, coaches, teachers, youth ministers, Big Brothers, Boy Scout leaders, Boys & Girls Club staff, child psychologists). My research is based primarily on qualitative in-depth interviews. I am the author or co-author/editor of nine books, including Nurturing Dads: Social Initiatives for Contemporary Fatherhood (Russell Sage Foundation), Men on a Mission: Valuing Youth Work in Our Communities (Johns Hopkins University Press), Situated Fathering:A Focus on Physical and Social Spaces (Rowman & Littlefield), Stepdads: Stories of Love, Hope, and Repair (Rowman & Littlefield), Sex, Men, and Babies: Stories of Awareness and Responsibility (New York University Press), Procreative Man (New York University Press), andFatherhood: Contemporary Theory, Research, and Social Policy (Sage), as well as over 65 professional articles and book chapters.


In my current book project, I interview dads and pediatric health care professionals across the nation to get a better understanding of the relationship between fathers’ and children’s health and fitness. I challenge dads to become more health-conscious in how they live and raise their children. In addition, I outline how schools, religious organizations, the business community, medical facilities, and other organizations can encourage dads with either healthy children or those with disabilities to make a positive imprint on their health, fitness, and well-being. Please visit my websites for more information: and Dads & Kids: Health & Fitness Talk (