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Susan A. Kirch

Susan A. Kirch

Susan A. Kirch is an Associate Professor of Science and Childhood Education at New York University in the Department of Teaching and Learning. In 2012 Kirch was recognized by the Steinhardt School for a Teaching Excellence Award for her work preparing elementary science teachers for teaching science as well as doctoral candidates who are interested in science education systems more broadly. Prior to becoming a science teacher educator Kirch began her career at Mount Holyoke College, then Harvard and UCSF as a molecular biologist working with mentors and colleagues in evolutionary molecular biology, immunology, and developmental neuro-genetics to publish articles in Science, Development, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, among others.   After participating in a variety of initiatives designed to bring teachers, K-12 students, educational researchers, and scientists together to study access to science, Kirch was inspired to switch her research focus to science education.  Since then the partnership with Amoroso has become an unparalleled space for idea generation, critical science curriculum production, and collaborative exploration with children, which have fueled her interests in how learner-scientists contribute to scientific knowledge creation as well as understanding the reconstruction of process-tools such as evidence, causality and relevance in school classrooms.  Kirch is particularly curious about the nature of scientific inquiry that all students experience in and out of formal school contexts.  In 2008 (with A. Stetsenko and C. Milne), she received a National Science Foundation award to study how children experience the concept of evidence. She has published chapters and articles with colleagues in education on school funding, inclusion, feminist pedagogy, curriculum, evidence and knowledge production, and the production and resolution of uncertainty in science and science classrooms.  This book with Amoroso is her first.