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Silvia Cristina Bettez

Silvia Cristina Bettez

Silvia C. Bettez received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from Duke University. Her primary areas of specialization include: Sociology of Education; Race, Class, and Gender Intersections; Critical Multicultural Education; Qualitative Research Methods; and Feminist Gender Studies. Her dissertation research project explores the life stories of sixteen adult mixed race women who have one white parent and one parent who is a person of color. The research examines how participants navigate their hybridity, what we can learn from their stories in our efforts to communicate across lines of racial difference, and what experiences the women share that cross racial and ethnic lines. Dr. Bettez has publications (current and forthcoming) that cover a variety of topics related to social justice including: social justice activist teaching, the experiences of Latinas in higher education, and teaching globalization to privileged students.