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Sabrina D. MisirHiralall

Sabrina D. MisirHiralall

Sabrina D. MisirHiralall, Ed.D. defended her dissertation De-Orientalized Pedagogy: Educating Non-Hindus About Hinduism Through Kuchipudi Indian Classical Hindu Dance in the Pedagogy and Philosophy program at Montclair State University.  MisirHiralall focuses on how she uses Kuchipudi Indian classical Hindu dance to educate non-Hindus about Hinduism with postcolonial realities in mind.  MisirHiralall aims to develop a de-Orientalized postcolonial pedagogy to confront Orientalism and the long legacy of colonization. 

MisirHiralall completed her RangaPravesam, which means to “ascend the stage.”  The RangPravesam marked the start of her dance career.  She had the lead role in Krishnarpanam and holds the title of Natya Tilakam, which was given to her by dance guru, Smt. Sadhana Paranji.  She was the solo featured performance in Contemplative Kuchipudi Dance at Montclair State University in April 2013. 

MisirHiralall taught second grade in Bayonne, New Jersey and also worked as a consultant for New Jersey City University’s Striving Readers Grant.  At NJCU, she taught undergraduate education classes, supervised student teachers, taught graduate students of the NOYCE fellowship program, and taught for the Philosophy and Religion department.  In addition, she taught philosophy courses as well as student success courses part-time at Middlesex County College.  In fact, MisirHiralall received the Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award 2015 from MCC. She currently teaches as an adjunct professor in the Educational Foundations Department at Montclair State University where she often teaches Philosophy of Education, History of American Education, and Gender Issues in Education.  

MisirHiralall is frequently invited to lecture and dance in higher education as she presents on Hinduism with postcolonialism in mind.  She is a member of the American Education Research Association, the American Academy of Religion, the Philosophy of Education Society, and the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society.  She is a Board Member of the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers and the New England Philosophy of Education Society.  She currently serves as Regional Coordinator on the Executive Board of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Academy of Religion.