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Ronald J. Pelias

Ronald J. Pelias

Ronald J. Pelias attended Southern Methodist University for his B.A. (1968) and MFA (1971) and received his doctorate in performance studies at the University of Illinois (1979). He taught performance studies from 1981-2013 in the Department of Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and his currently teaching at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. He works on the stage primarily as a director and on the page as a writer committed to non-traditional forms of scholarly representation. His most recent books exploring qualitative methods are Leaning: A Poetics of Personal Relations (2011), Performance: An Alphabet of Performative Writing (2014), and If the Truth Be Told: Accounts in Literary Forms (2016). He is also the author of the acclaimed, A Methodology of the Heart: Evoking Academic and Daily Life (2004).