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Michele Amoroso

Michele Amoroso

Michele Amoroso is a native of Queens, New York.  She has been a New York City public school teacher for twenty years.  As a hairdresser Amoroso attended night school and earned certificates in early childhood and childhood education, administration and supervision, and a masters of science in elementary education.  Since then Amoroso has taught early literacy, math, social studies and science and strives to create rich contexts for learning through taking socio-cultural approaches to curriculum development and instruction.  She continues that approach in her current position as a prekindergarten through third grade science teacher for approximately 300 young learner-scientists of all fields of science. Amoroso has been conducting teacher research for over a decade and this has informed her day-to-day work as well as her work in teacher education as a lecturer in the areas of science, mathematics, and literacy education at Queens College, City University of New York.  Amoroso has presented her research at several education conferences including those sponsored by the National Association of Research in Science Teaching and the Association of Science Teacher Educators organizations.  She is also the author of a book about teaching and learning science with children, Being and Becoming Scientists Today (with Kirch), and a handbook chapter demonstrating the development of an Earth and space science lesson for an early childhood audience.