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Judith Davidson

Judith Davidson

(from her blog at

I am Judith Davidson, Ph.D., and qualitative research is my passion. Through my blog, I hope to share the directions this passion has taken me and explore emerging topics of interest in my field.
I inquire with qualitative research, teach about it, and write about the methodology. I have experience with diverse parts of the craft of qualitative research. The topics I have explored range from sexting and teens to the worlds of reading teachers. I like the challenges of working with complex research designs, interdisciplinary teams, and diverse sites, including project coaching and creative meeting design and facilitation.  

I am deeply interested in the digitalization of qualitative research and am particularly knowledgeable of NVivo software.  I have used this software in my own work, with projects with which I have consulted, and with many graduate students.
As a methodologist, I have explored a range of approaches within qualitative research including arts-based research and different forms of action research. 
I am an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Massachusetts—Lowell (1999 to present), where I have taught qualitative research to all level of students. At the doctoral level I teach Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods. At the master’s level I teach a course titled Practitioner Action Research. I have overseen many dissertations conducted with this research methodology.    

The Graduate School of Education at UMass Lowell will be offering a new Ph.D. in Research and Evaluation with an option to specialize in qualitative research.  Contact me for more information about this program! 

I received my doctorate in education from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana (1995); my master’s in reading education from Bank Street College of Education, and, my bachelor’s in Japanese Language and Literature with a minor in Writing for Children from Antioch University.  

I have taken “Inquire, Create, Change” to be my motto because of my passionate belief in the power of inquiry; the joy of creation that I find in this work; and the ability to make creative change through inquiry.