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Huda Sharawi

Huda Sharawi
Facebook: Huda Sharawi
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I have witnessed first-hand the role of cultural influences in my religion and society. My book, Women Between Submission & Freedom is a cultural, historical, and spiritual inquiry into the nature of contemporary Eastern and Western Society. I highlight the gender inequality plaguing contemporary Arabian culture. My analysis begins by outlining personal stories and everyday instances of misogynistic behaviour suffered by myself and those around her. 

Next, I discuss the philosophical and historical origins of the Arabian and Western patriarchal system. I  suggest that the subjugation of women is not the sole result of masculine domination, but also a consequence of the deeply-rooted insecurities of women themselves. I engage in a comparative study of female leadership and liberation movements across history, suggesting that today’s system of inequality is a recent phenomenon perpetuated by a mix of culture and religious misinterpretation.

The only way to express my feelings and share my thoughts is through writing. In the writing of my experiences and thoughts, I found myself writing this book, Women between submission and freedom. I consider myself a messenger for a woman, carrying their message, whether from the East or West, to define the true meaning of being a woman. This definition is a culmination of stories and experiences from different perceptions and angles of life, and I hope that they can make all women proud of their womanhood.