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Barbara Regenspan

Barbara Regenspan

Barbara Regenspan’s academic passion is the power of interdisciplinary curriculum to promote a wide-awakeness that results in action towards more equitable distributions of wealth and power, and related, the abolition of war.  To that end she conceives of the work of all teaching as educating the autobiographies of our students towards awareness of the way capitalist market relations haunt our lives and prevent us from taking collective responsibility for all of us and our planet.  In her own work, which involves ghost-hunting, or what her colleague, Mark Stern, has named ‘hauntagogy’ she tries to model humor, compassion, and poetry, but sometimes falls short in at least one category.  In addition to supervising student teachers in revisioned social studies and English, she teaches philosophies and politics of education, curriculum theory, and other socially critical foundations of education courses, most recently including child and adolescent development.